Mobile Games Development


Mobile gaming is very prominent nowadays in modern business operations & communications along with strong focus on fastest innovations & value added services rousing with market trend. Instant, all time entertainment via handsets is essential equally like other functions of the modern mobiles, although mobile gaming is old trend and it requires great expertise to build. Fascination of developing exciting games is much more challenging then playing the games. Mobile application development India – South Bay Website Design has developed this charm professionally for clients, to develop customized mobile games.

There are three kinds of games like:

Sms games

Browser games

Embedded games

Our expertise includes mobile games development on various platforms, nowadays we are dedicatedly developing browser games for the latest smart mobile phones including iPhone, android, Symbian and many more according to the demand of our fun loving clients. Mobile game development is the passion, creativity and technical knowledge of mobile game developers, which we deliver professionally at economic prices. South Bay Website Design is a company specially established for the development of mobile based applications, mobile game development is one of our expertise areas, which includes experienced mobile game developers active for the high quality, attractive and fun raising mobile games.

We are capable of developing many popular mobile game types such as:

Blue tooth mobile games

J2ME based mobile games

Multiplayer mobile game

Mobile 3d games development

There are large variety of hand-held devices are present serving millions of people around the world and mobile manufacturing companies use various operating systems for the development of mobiles. For the robust mobile game application development we have developed strong mobile and platform understanding, we develop games for Symbian based mobiles, J2ME based devices, iPhone, Blackberry, Android based mobiles, etc. Plus, we are able to do mobile game porting efficiently, for instance we are able to port any type of J2ME games and applications on any java bases mobile models. To avoid the errors and to provide high quality of mobile games in the process of mobile game application development, we practice professional mobile game testing.

There are various kinds testing, we perform to test the mobile games such as:

  • Environmental testing
  • Functionality testing to test the proper functioning of the game
  • Performance testing to check the level of performance of the game
  • Over –the-air (OTA) testing