Mobile Websites fit all device formats

What’s the difference between a Mobile Website and a Phone App? Well the difference is BIG! Each phone type (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows) has it’s own programming language as well as markets for distributing the apps based on the phone type. Which translates into MORE MONEY to create each separate app for each phone type. Mobile Websites only need ONE. When a visitor would come to your regular website using a mobile device, the system would automatically know and send them straight to your Mobile Website which would be a sub domain such as But all phones would see this optimized website as the same without having to translate it into different languages. The downfall is Mobile Website are not distributed on iTunes and the Android Market or any of the other distribution centers. This can be an issue if International Distribution is what you are looking for. Mobile Websites would be found by marketing your regular website and the visitor being sent to the Mobi Site. It’s all based on your budget and needs!

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